92.9ZZU welcomes Haleigh as the new Dave, Ken & Molly morning show producer and midday host on ZZU from 10a-3p.

Haleigh has always had a passion for music and radio but never thought of a career in radio until she was hired by KXLY Radio Group in the Fall of 2017. Being in and around radio and seeing the dynamics of the industry, she quickly recognized her calling. When asked “why radio?” her simple reply is, “In this day and age, people turn on the TV and often times get angry. I want to bring people joy at some point during their day”.


Haleigh is single, and being 25 she spends her time traveling to see friends out of town or exploring new breweries here in town. A new hobby she has recently picked up is Golf. Although there is no chance of her making it to the LPGA, she really enjoys spending a day on the golf course hacking her way to the 19th hole.


Haleigh wasn’t born in Spokane, but has lived here most of her life. Her family moved to Spokane from Anchorage, Alaska in 2000 when Haleigh was just 6 years old. Haleigh graduated from Riverside High School in 2012, then quickly made her way down to Pullman to attend Washington State University. She graduated from WSU in the Spring of 2017, where she majored in Communication with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism. Shortly after Graduating, she returned to Spokane and has been here since.


Haleigh is beyond excited to get to learn and grow in this industry while working with Dave, Ken, and Molly! They have been nothing but helpful and encouraging every step of the way! She can’t wait for you to get to know her, and for her to get to know you in these years to come!


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Hear Haleigh weekdays 10a-3p on 92.9 ZZU